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Becoming a buyer...a whole new world

January 11 2018 – Maureen Coyle

Becoming a buyer...a whole new world
Becoming a buyer...a whole new world


I feel like I talk about the weather a lot.  I don't mean to.  I am not even weather obsessed.  It is just that being in retail these days, I am constantly aware of the weather.  What clothes are people buying when it is freezing?  What are people interested in seeing?  What clothes are people longing to wear?  And, holy sh#$, how do I buy summer clothes when I am all bundled up?  But that is how it is done.  The past few days, Sara and I spent our days walking around the Javitz Center in NYC finishing up buying for the spring and summer months.  And next month we will be back buying for fall...what??!?  It is part of this job that I am still figuring out.  Sara, having been a buyer for Bloomingdales for years, is pretty well versed in the way this all works.  But me?  It has definitely taken some getting used to.  There is still a part of me that is just a consumer.  I buy for what I want to wear now, or on a trip I am taking next month....but how the heck am I supposed to know what I want to wear next fall?  Sara and I certainly have fun while we are doing it.  I make Sara the guinea pig and she tries on everything...sometimes she likes it...sometimes, not so much! LOL

Well, luckily, I am getting the hang of this and Sara and I have picked AMAZING things for you!!  From coverups and beach pants, to fun tops and kick ass denim, to shorts and tees and adorable dresses, we have everything you will need for that super cute summer wardrobe!!  We cannot wait for all the new arrivals to start popping up on the website...they are SO. DARN. GOOD!

In the meantime, I know January is a weird time.  At least for me.  I want to shop still (although my husband would like to cut me off!) but a lot of sites don't have that much new stuff.  But holy moly are there deals out there!!  Take our sale many items on sale and some up to 75% off!!!  And so many new items added to the $25 shop.  I mean, really, $25?!?!?  If you haven't had a look at the $25 shop, you are missing out.  You can pick up some last minute deals.  Great clothing, limited quantities, outrageous prices!!  Check out our sale section here and let me know what you think!

Enjoy and happy shopping!



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