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Let's talk Beach Pants!

January 25 2018 – Sara Reardon

Let's talk Beach Pants!
Let's talk Beach Pants!
Surf Gypsy Beach Pants are back... The item I am asked about most, usually about mid summer "Do you have any of those wide leg printed pants left?" I then have to  say, "Sorry, we don't..." because they sell out FAST!
They are also the item that gets me the most compliments . Strangers will stop me to ask "Where did you get your pants?" I of course say, "Social Threads" but by the time I am wearing them when the weather is warm, I then have to say "but we are sold out." This pic of me with my youngest and Maureen's girls was taken last April in Sarasota. I specifically remember having this exact conversation on this very day.
Every year we order (a lot!) more than the previous year, but these pants have legs of their own and we never can get enough! Bottom line, buy them now even if you won't be wearing them for a while. You won't be sorry (promise!).
Why do customers love them? Besides the comfort and compliment factor, they are so versatile! Here are a few items from our site that I would suggest pairing with them:

A cozy sweatshirt for those chilly evenings after a day at the beach or even hanging at home in the summer months. This is usually my uniform for 4th of July fireworks at the beach or summer nights on our porch.
Or a graphic tee that tells the world how excited you are for a hard earned vacation. Perfect for a travel day or a casual lunch by the pool or beach!
Last a dressy tank- add wedges and fun earrings for a night out! Double bonus, this top is a closet staple for so many summer looks.
Versatility, comfort and cuteness are the name of the game for these pants!
And oh boy, our first video (check it out here) (warning, I say Um a lot!!!) and my first blog post all in one day! Definitely stepping out of my comfort zone here!


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    I really want to get the gypsy beach pants that are white with color lines but each time says back in stock they are not available. Very frustrating. Will they be back or should I give up?

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