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New Arrivals, Thanksgiving Deals and Gift Guides...OH MY!

November 21 2017 – Maureen Coyle

New Arrivals, Thanksgiving Deals and Gift Guides...OH MY!
New Arrivals, Thanksgiving Deals and Gift Guides...OH MY!

First off, let's just say I am obsessed with all the new arrivals on the site....and they just keep coming!  I have to let you in on something, not all items have unlimited quantities.  So, if you like something, buy it.  Chances are, if you like it, someone else does too and our best selling items move super quick.  One item I am digging these days is this sweater.  Backordered until 11/28 but beyond the beyond....awesome!!

Ok, let's talk Thanksgiving deals.  All I can say is we have some unbelievable promotions coming up.  And as the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm.  So, here is my advice, CHECK YOUR EMAILS!!!  Our deals are so awesome, but if you don't act fast you may miss it. Our Black Friday deal is too good to pass up so check it out early!  I know you all want to buy new holiday outfits and I know you are all looking for the perfect gift.  Get ready to get it all!!

Finally, ladies, we need to talk gift guides.  We have the BEST gifts out there!!  From hats, to scarves, to capes, to vests, to sweaters, and will need look no further than Social Threads for all the ladies in your life.  Need help, just ask.  I can always help you find the perfect something for you to give.



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