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That 70’s Look…

Sara Reardon

With every fall comes sweaters, scarves, plaid and boots. Love it all but look forward to something new in fashion and this season we have it! Or wait, maybe it’s not new at all, it’s actually about 40 years old. 70’s fashion is back in a big way! Flares, retro stripes, button front denim and the warm autumn colors! While we don’t recommend a full on Saturday Night Dance Fever look, there are a few ways to incorporate this trend. 

1. Full on out! Stripes, 70's color palette and high waist button front jeans. I even added in the other big fall trend, leopard! They have the same color pallette, so the contrasting patterns work together.

 Sugarlips Stripe Tank, Rust Fringe Scarf, Blank NYC Vendetta Button Front Jeans


2. Wearing a 70's color pallette. Mix warm autumn hues, especially rust!



3. Cozy 70's! This rust jacket, paired with these button front jeans. If this doesn't scream 70’s (but in a cozy fall wearable way)! BTW these were the 2 best selling items on our site last week, so clearly our customers are into this trend! The jeans run big, so we recommend sizing down. 

Thread and Supply Nordy Jacket, Blank NYC Vendetta Jeans, CC Fleece Lined Hat

 4. Flared Denim. Probably the most iconic piece from the 70's, flared jeans! And the best part about these is that they have a frayed edge, so if they are too long, no need to take to a tailor. Tailor them yourselves with a pair of scissors! These jeans run big also, so definitely size down. Make them look modern with a feminine sweater and fall heeled booties!


We'd love to hear from you! How are you wearing this trend this season?

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