Social Threads Kids...Yes, girls, it's happening!!

I remember loving playing “dress-up” in my moms closet.  And the funny thing is, she didn’t even have cool clothes.  There is just something about your mom's clothes that are so much better than yours!!  My little girls absolutely love my clothes.  They ask me all the time if they can have my stuff when they are my size.  They want me to save everything I have for the day when they will fit into them.  Sometimes, my little one, Bridget wants to twin with me.  So she goes to her closet to find something that “matches” my outfit.  It never works exactly but it is adorable to see her give it a try. 

Our girls have been begging, since the Social Threads inception, for us to sell clothes for them.  And we have thought about it for sure.  But to be honest, I am a little torn.  I am a mom and while I love that my daughters want to dress like me, I don’t really want to dress like my daughter.  But there had to be a way…a way to bring them clothes that look like versions of us.  So we have decided that we are going to bring a little Social Threads to our girls…our way.  Over the next few weeks, we are showing all our favorite trends and styles but for little girls.  Let them dress like us!  From sweats, to camo, to faux leather, to cold shoulder, to ruffles, to graphic tees, you (and your daughter) won’t want to miss the launch of Social Threads Kids!!   

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