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Our Story

Social Threads is owned & operated by me, Sara Reardon, and Maureen Coyle. We're not sisters by blood, but we are by law (sister-in-laws to be precise)! And we are definitely bonded by our love of fun, affordable, quality clothing!  Lucky us, we get to do this for a job and share our "finds" with you, our customers!

Maureen and Sara

I was previously a buyer for Bloomingdale's and Maureen was a former Wall Street executive. We are moms (3 kids each) who know what it is like to be busy and have very little time to shop. We know it's hard to put your best foot forward while trying to get you and your family out the door each morning. Our goal is to provide an edited selection of clothes that you want to wear, that will not only have you liking how you look but undoubtedly loving all the compliments that you'll hear.

Our loyal customers would say that we do fashion and we do it really well. We agree! For us, Social Threads is more than just clothing, it's a lifestyle. We cater to our clients and we know exactly who you are and what you like. Our styles are selected with you in mind and we bring them to you online and via pop-up shopping parties!

We're all over the place, but your best bet is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and obviously our website. We update our social media platforms daily so you're bound to find something that sparks your interests!


We'll provide the most fashionable clothes at the best prices. We guarantee cozy sweaters, soft tees, fun tops, great fitting denim and so much more!  Our number one priority is helping you achieve the look, lifestyle, or fashion goal that you are striving for. Bottom line, we're here to serve you.


We do sleep (sometimes) but you can email us at any time or contact us via Facebook Messenger, Instagram or our Contact Us page. We usually respond within 1-2 hours.